Our Property Sales service enables our clients to achieve maximum profits and supports them in meeting deadlines.

With our expertise in showcasing and marketing properties we ensure that prospective buyers can discover and fully appreciate the property’s benefits.

Morpho markets the property both nationally in Portugal, and internationally by leveraging its global network and contacts to achieve maximum exposure and the best results.

Unlike most estate agencies in Portugal Morpho shares its sales commission 50/50 with any other licensed estate agency or estate agent that presents a buyer to us – nationwide. Much to the detriment of sellers’ interests and their bank balances, the majority of estate agents in Portugal either do not share their commission with other estate agents, or they only offer a 70/30 commission split, which discourages other estate agents from bringing buyers to them, as they can earn significantly more money by taking their buyers to properties where they receive a 50/50 commission split.

Morpho does not exclude and therefore lose potential buyers, who are either already being looked after by – or reaching out to – any other estate agencies or realtors in Portugal

By equally splitting our sales commission 50%/50% and fairly incentivising all estate agencies, estate agents and realtors throughout Portugal, we make them highly motivated to bring us buyers and help us to jointly achieve the best sales price for our client.

By not restricting, and even maximising, the demand side (number of buyers), we give our clients the highest chance of achieving the best sales price.