Real Estate Investment Advisory & Property Sourcing

After a long period of being undiscovered by most, and strongly undervalued, Portugal is now booming, and many investors, from New York to London, are only just starting to notice.

Opportunities still abound for investors with the right advisors by their side, who can help them identify and acquire the best investments.

Whilst well known and popular tourist areas in central Lisbon have already gentrified, and property prices risen to levels that are not attractive to most investors, there are areas close to the capital that we believe still have excellent investment potential, and where the gentrification is still very much underway.

Morpho identified and specialises in a region only 35 minutes drive south of the capital city of Lisbon, on the peninsula of Setúbal, part of the Blue Coast, or Costa Azul. It has a privileged location, close to the capital and international airport, and outstanding natural beauty, with vineyards, historic properties, the large natural park Arrábida, and the best beaches in the Lisbon Metropolitan region.

There are still opportunities to find good value properties, and we believe the region of Setúbal will grow substantially over the coming years.

We are not just saying this because we happen to be based here and we want to sell our service or our properties – we are actually putting our money where our mouth is: we are actively investing in this region ourselves, because we are convinced of the huge potential it has for the future.

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